Its funny what dreams can do You whispered I love you then I opened my eyes I saw my life I realized It was all a dream everyhting seemed to be alright hold me tonight before I die if I would have known the last time was it I would have never let go if only I could let you know back to reality it doesn't it won't make a difference I woke to your kiss your moist lips on my lids I woke to find the moist was actually my tears I woke holding your face I could feel your warmth then I opened my eyes I realized it was my heart some one ripped it out placed it in my hands the warmth was my blood I'm drowning in my bed I woke to the feeling of your breathing on the back of my neck when I turned opened my eyes for that one last time expecting hoping to see you there all I saw was death all I wanted was you all I wanted was to awake then I realized I was alone I realized I was still alive and I didnt know what to do one last time tonight I'll close my eyes dreams of me dieing are comforting my mind these dreams give me hope tie a rope around my neck these dreams of happiness of me with you its funny what dreams can do

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